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About Miljöbron Skåne

Miljöbron Skåne creates opportunities for companies and academia to meet and exchange knowledge by coordinating student projects. The projects give students the possibility to develop innovative ways of thinking and to see how they can contribute to sustainable development with the knowledge they obtained during their studies. They also gain practical experience and opportunities to create valuable contacts in the business world. Meanwhile, companies and other actors in society get access to the latest knowledge from academia, skill development, the opportunity to see their business from new perspectives and help developing it in a sustainable way.

The concept of Miljöbron has its origin in Gothenburg where the first organisation was founded. In 2011 a sister organisation was formed in Scania: Miljöbron Skåne. The organisation works in closely with Lund University, Campus Helsingborg, and Kristianstad University and has built a vast network among Scanian businesses. Our district coordinators have an academic background in the sustainability field and great experience in forming sustainability projects that fit the needs of both companies and academia. Miljöbron Skåne are an non profit organisation with a board consisting of representatives from both academia and industry.

Together with our district coordinators, our board, our sponsors and our collaborative parters, Miljöbron Skåne creates interaction between academia and businesses and make students and companies co-develop for a sustainable future.

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