About Miljöbron Skåne

Miljöbron Skåne unites students and the corporate sector in time limted projects. The projects are formed based on a company's or organisation's needs and challenges within the field of sustiainbility. Students get to apply theoretical knowledge gained in university and make contact with various companies.  Companies and other organisations working with the students gain fresh knowledge and viewpoints as well as get acquainted with a possible future employee. Win-win for multiple actors!

Miljöbron Skåne was formed in 2011 and work with students from a broad range of educational programmes at Lund University, Kristianstad University and Malmö University Faculty of Technology and Society. Since then, more than 1400 students have joined forces with 400 companies in more than 600 projects and assignments linked to environment and sustainability.

Our sponsors

Our sponsors give companies and students the valuable opportunity to connect through our projects.

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Our partners and friends

We collaborate with several other organisations
and companies.

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Annual summaries and policies

Learn more about the organsiation's development throughout the years and check out our policies.



Miljöbron Skåne is a non profit with representatives from both the academic and the corporate sector.