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Development of Methods – climate impacts for a drinks producer

Develop a method for calculating the climate impacts for a drinks producer.


Kiviks Musteri AB is a family owned drinks company situated in Österlen that processes fruit, vegetables and berries for amongst other things apple juice, juice, cider, puree and soups. The company has a long history with four generations of collective knowledge of how to handle fruit and berries to best maintain nourishment and the newly harvested flavor. The company’s heritage goes back to 1888 when the first apple trees were planted by Henrik Åkesson at the spot that later became Kiviks Musteri. Today, Kiviks Musteri is a well-known food company and a popular visitor attraction. Read more at Kiviks Musteris homepage.


Kiviks Musteri aims to be a company that impact as little as possible on the environment, in everything from management of raw materials to finished packaging. The company has a number of certifications, for example Fairtrade, KRAV and ISO 14001. Environmental considerations are an integral part of the daily work and the company is striving to improve its environmental efforts.

The climate issue is now on the societal agenda, and is maybe discussed more now than ever. Kiviks Musteri wants to contribute to a positive development within this area. As part of the company, there is production which use energy and transport, but also tree plantations with more than 100 000 apple tress that bind carbon dioxide by just standing there.

Kiviks Musteri is interested in increasing its knowledge about how the company impacts on the climate. Therefore, they are looking for students who can help them develop a method for calculating the climate impacts of their business. Focus should be on the company itself and its production since the apple tree plantations and associated use of manure, machinery and transport are being examined as part of another project. The assignment should be based on the latest research findings and on well-established methods to calculate climate impacts from production companies. Examples of factors to take into account are transport, procurement, heating/cooling, electricity usage. Emphasis should be on easy use and implementation of the method – to enable the company to use it.

Delimitations are set in consultation with the academic supervisor and the contact at the company. The report needs to clearly highlight the scope of the assignment and discuss how it has impacted on the results. The work should be based on relevant academic knowledge, a requirement that both the student and the company need to be aware of.

Company Kiviks Musteri AB
Requirements We are looking for students studying the course EMSP.
Scope Course project, EMSP
Location Kivik

Malin Planander