Are you curious about a career within sustainability? Through Miljöbron, university students get experience from real life sustainability projects in businesses and organisations.

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All companies are heading somewhere. Throughout the journey you must expose your organisation to new knowledge, new conditions and innovative ideas. Students are high-powered, curious and innovative. Let them help you develop and excel.
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Sara & Meaza secured their sustainability summer jobs

After several successful projects through Miljöbron, it was time for Sara and Meaza to put their experiences to test. Learn more about their summer jobs at Älvstranden Utveckling where they worked with sustainability in practice.

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Students explored circular economy on a neighbourhood scale. The result: four redesign and recirculation nodes.

Gothenburg's Fixotek are hubs where citizens can meet to fix, borrow, swap and build things. It all started as project with Miljöbron. And not just any other project, but 30 students across disciplines, working together for a total of six months to evaluate, develop and implement design proposals.

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