About Miljöbron

Miljöbron unites students and the corporate sector in time-limited projects or assignments.

These projects depart from a company or organisation’s defined needs and challenges in the field of sustainability. Students get to apply theoretical knowledge gained in university and make contact with various companies and possible future employers.  Companies and other organisations working with the students gain fresh knowledge and viewpoints as well as get acquainted with a possible future employee. Win-win for multiple actors!

Miljöbron is connected with students from a broad range of educational programmes such as from the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers, University of Technology, University of Borås and University West. On an annual basis, some 300 students join forces with some 100 companies in various projects and assignments linked to environment and sustainable development.

Policy and organisational material

Learn more about how our organisation and activities have developed over the years, work of our board and how we work with sustainability and how your personal data is handled.


Our raison d’etre and history

Miljöbron is a non-for-profit entity with a board composed of members from both the academy and from the corporate sector. For more than 20 years have we created value in the interconnections between academy and business.

Organisation and history


Our contributers

Our main contributors give companies and students a priceless opportunity to unit in different projects to create joint value.

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Our partners

Our partners know that our students are fabulous and are therefore actively proposing new projects.

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Please contact us for more information about our organisation and the opportunities we create.

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