The Agenda 2030-Lens™

Sustainability training
for innovation

In order to create a genuine transformation towards a sustainable business model, it is crucial that everyone i an organisation, regardless of role, is equipped with the right knowledge, mindset and tools. We call this having an Agenda 2030 Lens.

The Agenda 2030-Lens™

Sustainability training for innovation

To create a genuinetransformation towards a sustainable-business model, it is crucial that everyone i an organisation, regardless of role, is equipped with the right knowledge, mindset and tools. We call this having an Agenda 2030-Lens.

Pilar som pekar uppåt


Pilar som pekar uppåt

Idea workshop

Pilar som pekar uppåt

Action Plan


Give all employees a sustainability mindset through an interactive e-learning programme, in their own tempo.

Companies that now have an Agenda 2030 Lens™

Begin your sustainability journey now.

“We know the power that creativity and communication have when it comes to changing behaviours. Here we can truly contribute to a positive development, both in our customer assignments and in how we work. In Miljöbron we have a partner who helps us to see sustainability issues from more perspectives”

- Leif Sorte | Managing Director | Forsman & Bodenfors Sverige


"At Sigholm, we are driven by being part of creating a better world, which is the basis of everything we do. After implementing the Agenda 2030 lens last autumn, we truly got a boost in our sustainability work. The course gave us new tools to more clearly link the sustainability goals to our daily operations and our services. It also claried how we want to act within our own business, during our customer assignments and towards the world around us to pull our weight. We have also selected sustainability goals and targets where we have the greatest opportunity to contribute, as well as those where we want to create the biggest impact. The guided discussions about how our products and services create value for customers and society at large were incredibly rewarding. We brought with us valuable knowledge and new insights, and we are now working to link our customer assignments and internal development projects to the sustainability goals and nd ways to follow them up. We really want to make a difference, and the Agenda 2030 Lens helped us working towards that!"

- Martin Marklund | Business Developer | Sigholm


"In 2015, we developed the Better World indexTM method to be able to measure our work with product development for a better world, and in 2019 we decided to adapt it to the UN's global goals. A large part of our work for a better world has also been education - and when we got in touch with Miljöbron, it clicked right away.
In 2020, all leaders and a large part of our employees carried out the Agenda 2030 Lens. The training has given us a common platform for our continued work in sustainability, new ideas for business development and higher awareness of what is required of us and our customers for the green transition. We will continue to work with the Agenda 2030 Lens as a basis as we now take the next step and launch BWiTM linked to the global goals.

-Vanja Wennergen | Quality and Environment | i3tex - Innovate – Implement - Improve


"The Agenda 2030 Lens is a very educational course that has helped us gain a better understanding of the various challenges that Agenda 2030 focuses on and at the same time find new business opportunities.
We have not had to develop new services or products, but simply looked at our current solutions from a different angle to understand how we can contribute to achieving the global goals, which is a great way to develop the business.

-Robert Nyquist | Machine Learning Engineer | Head of Sustainability