Appetite for more - Amanda started her own business

We have met Amanda Borneke who 2017 carried out her first Miljöbron assignment for Borås city. The assignment aimed at developing a marketing strategy to widen the city’s environmental and climate work to the citizens of the city through various communication channels. It was Amanda’s first assignment as external consultant and she loved it. Now she runs her own company – Borneke Environmental communication as coach in sustainability issues with a focus on communication and company branding. The mission of the company is to inspire, motivate and engage other companies and organisations in their sustainability work.

”The assignment through Miljöbron gave me valuable contacts and access to potential employers”

Amanda continues “I have always regarded the bridge between students and employers as important. This is a way to find your passion, your row model and connection to other students”. She points out the importance of practical knowledge.

 “There is virtually no education that can fully prepare you for the real world. Work in the domain of sustainable development always takes place in a contextual framework”.

Amanda valued the practical experience and in particular the opportunity to put more experience to her CV, a signed diploma and a recommendation letter from her assignment provider.  She recommends students to engage in a project or assignment through Miljöbron.

"Seize the opportunity! It gives you valuable work experience and access to a wider network. If you latch on to the opportunities it will give you a head start toward your dream job right after graduation."

Name: Amanda Borneke

Education: Bachelor degree in Environmental Science at LiU, masterprogram within Environmental Communication at SLU

Current assignment: HSEQ, CS Riv & Håltagning in Gothenburg.