How does it work?

Initial analysis of your organisation's specific needs
Drawing up a strategy and the student tasks
Ongoing coaching throughout the project implementation
Project closure and next steps

Our offer

New perspectives

Miljöbron gives you a knowledge, and thus a competitive, advantage. Do you want the latest academic knowledge and tools in sustainable development and business then engage us at Miljöbron!

All our projects take into account your organisations' field of operations, your vision and long-term goals in regards to sustainability.

Straight-forward, high-quality process for student projects

All student projects and assignments are based on a simple, quality-proof 5-step process.

1) Initial needs analysis. We offer both simpler and more in-depth needs analysis.
2) Design a project or assignment matching your needs.
3) Recruitment of the best possible matching student.
4) On-going support to both you and the student throughout the whole project.
5) Final presentation, evaluation and project closure


Sustainable business and operations

Strategic cooperation with the four largest universities in West Sweden gives us access to more than 70 000 students on various programmes both in hard and soft disciplines (e.g. studies in engineering, environmental policy and management, HR, logistics, IT, textiles, geography and economy). With such a wide resources of knowledge you can really be certain that we have what it takes!

Stay up to date

In addition to student projects we are delighted to provide mini-seminars, workshops in your organisations – whether to existing or new personnel as part of your strategy to build up sustainability know-how. We also offer support and partnership in projects focusing social and ecological sustainability.

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Learn more about starting up a student project and things to bear in mind during project implementation.

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Types of projects

Academic course collaborations

These projects are designed and implemented by more than one students (2-8). These projects have a duration of between 2-10 weeks.

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This is the perfect project form for organisations with larger, more tangible tasks during 8-20 weeks. The delivery and impact will be significant and you will also get to know the student – maybe your future employee - more thoroughly.

Thesis projects

This is the most advanced type of student project in terms of the academical and scientific perspective. Such a project – carried out between 10-20 weeks – gives you the valuable theoretical and empirical knowledge as well as excellent PR for your organisation.

Short assignments

Gives you free ranges in design and set-up and perfect when you have defined tasks to be carried out within a relatively short time-fram such as an analysis, lighter environmental impact study etc. These assignments are performed by 1-2 students of a maximum of 20 hours per student and month.


Action speak louder than words

Each year we deliver some 100 projects between companies, organisations and students. The collection of examples below gives you a clue about the types of projects that are now carried out. During the course of 20 years Miljöbron has an extensive bank of implemented projects. Contact us and learn more!

See samples of our current projects

Nina Wolf, City of Gothenburg

"Miljöbron grasped our needs, provided solid support and joint guidance of the students and ensured great communication support”

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Each month we issue a newsletter of current projects and courses, upcoming opportunties, and hints of interesting events!


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