How to digitise a stonemasonry!

In spring 2018 six students embarked on a project at Pettersson stonemasonry, Trollhättan. The company´s core business was headstones for tombes, with a national market. The headstones are produced in granite and tailored to each specific need. With the help of Miljöbron and the students, the company learned how to create digital models of the headstones. The main practice had been to produce real headstones for sales material and marketing. By using digital models, waste of granite and workforce could be avoided and at the same time designing models with more details than before.

Magnus Berglund, Pettersson Stonemasonry

“My experience of the process working with Miljöbron was really good. The students were both nice and engaged and had a good knowledge of available techniques. My impression was that the process involving the project owner, Miljöbron, the university and its students worked out very well.”

Magnus is satisfied about the cooperation with Miljöbron and the project results. Students helped bridge the knowledge gaps at the masonry and developed a process for digital models.

The company will continue to develop new models for the headstones. Magnus saw great value in the interaction with the students getting a better insight into what is possible technically and how the organisation can continue to advance. - To a certain extent the end result will depend on the students assigned the task. However, after this project, my experience is that the process works really well and can be an asset to any organisation's development.

Magnus is recommending Miljöbron to other companies. We are delighted that Magnus got the results he hoped for and that we can continue to supply his company with students taking his stonemasonry to the next level in sustainable development.