Types of projects


An assignment provides you with the golden opportunity to make new contacts and acquire knowlege to boost your CV and skill-set!

An assignment can be carried out in parallell with your studies. Most assignments are delivered in pairs of students and take 10-20 hours during a course of a month. Some assignments require academic knowledge and skills whereas others you can take on already at the start of your studies!

Thesis projects

Thesis projects covers all kind of essay and thesis assigments at bachelor and master levels. This type of projects allows you to contribute to an organisation's development in a more profound and scientific manner.


An internship is the perfect way to learn more about a company or sector and apply theoratical knowledge in practice. Often you work in a specific organisation with a predetermined assignment, but which has to relevant to your education.

Projects within specific courses

Miljöbron cooperates within several courses at universitets and colleges and offers interesting projects. Please let us know if you are interested in one of our projects.

Contact us

So how does it work?

Find a project

Scroll through all our current  projects and apply by filling out the form. For a dissertation project your applications have to accompanied with a CV, personal letter and your marks.  If you don´t find an interesting project among those available but still are interested you may send in a general notification of interest. We will then get back to you to discuss various opportunities. Questions about projects are best handled by e-mail or a call

Expected skills and knowledge?

This varies from project to project. Skills and knowledge is described for each project. Where you don´t have a specific, required knowledge, you might compensate with another, equally valuable knowledge. Get in touch the assigned contact to discuss your specific case.

Who can apply?

Students at universities in Sweden. Priority will be given to students from University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology, University of Borås and University West.

Number of applicants?

The number of students applying for each and every project varies. If you are keen on a particular project do send us an application as soon as you can!

Realisation of the project

A meeting between you and your contact at Miljöbron. This first meeting is to inform you about the assignment or project and the organisation where the project will be carried out. Following this meeting you have to make set up a meeting with the company. After an implemented assignment or project you have to present your work to the relevant company. Your assigned contact at Miljöbron is continuously available for support and is your trouble shooter in case of problems along the way.

Once the project is implemented

At the end of a project we would like you to fill out an evaluation and the report. Once this is done we furnish you with a certificate that adds value to your CV.