During summer 2018 Sara Jalhed and Meaza Yohannes were hired at Älvstranden Utveckling. Their core task was to analyse the company’s existing environmental management system and to complement it with new sustainability dimensions. In addition, they carried out an analysis of available management systems within the area of sustainability. Sara came from a program focusing on environmental science and environmental economy whereas Meaza held dual masters in sustainable technology and international project management.

Great to work together

Meeting Sara och Meaza after the summer job we asked about their experience. Sara and Meaza had worked together the whole period and only had good things to say. Being able to work together had improved the results and the whole work experience. Their different backgrounds allowed them to complement each other.

A workplace where they thrived

Sara found the employees at Älvstranden open-minded and friendly and they felt like a part of the team. - They were very keen on having us join in on the coffee breaks and they got to talk to employees from various divisions. When carrying out the initial interviews, they were met with a lot of interest in sustainability issues. - Älvstranden is an awesome workplace where we thrived. The atmosphere was friendly and open-minded.

The result of Sara and Meaza’s work is now part of the environmental management system diplomat hat Älvstranden is now working towards. The most important result for Sara and Meaza is real work experience. To see how things work in real life.

Whereas Sara had already carried out projects through Miljöbron and had previous work experience it was Meaza’s first real work experience.

”This was my first work experience within my education. It was very rewarding to see how sustainability work is translated into practice in Swedish companies. Now I feel ready for the labour market”.

“To me, Miljöbron has been very helpful; it has provided me with a summer job and a project. Miljöbron gives all the support a student needs."