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How to digitise stonemasonry!

In spring 2018 six students embarked on a project at Pettersson stonemasonry, Trollhättan. We have talked to Magnus Berglund, manager at the stonemasonry. The firm specialises in tombstones with manufacturing in Trollhättan and delivery to all of Sweden. The stones are made of granite and the stonemasons attend to the needs and wishes of relatives to make unique tombstones for each customer. Magnus and his company worked with students and Miljöbron to create digital models of their tombstones.

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Speed-date between students and sustainability professionals

In conjunction with the Act Sustainable! sustainability week Miljöbron invited students and susatinability professionals to meet in a speed date format. Act Sustainable! is a whole week of activities to increase involvement and awareness around sustainability among students. Miljöbron, being the leader of business and student collaborations, wanted to show sustainability as a career path.

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Appetite for more - Amanda started her own business

We have met up with Amanda Borneke who did her first short assignment with Miljöbron in 2017, together with the City of Borås. She was tasked with creating a marketing strategy to raise awareness among citizens about the city's work with energy and climate issues. The strategy formed the basis for future communication through different channels. For Amanda, working as an "external consultant" was love at first sight!

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Students explored circular economy on a neighbourhood scale. The result: four redesign and recirculation nodes.

Gothenburg's Fixotek are hubs where citizens can meet to fix, borrow, swap and build things. It all started as a project with Miljöbron. And not just any other project, but 30 students across disciplines, working together for a total of six months to evaluate, develop and implement design proposals.

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