How can social media support branding and community building?


My wings create and provide products that inspire children of all ages to enjoy their playful nature while encouraging healthy development through art, music, fashion, and compassionate living. They aim to uplift, inspire, and engage in community so we can create a happier and more harmonious world where we lift each other up and help each other soar.

The t-shirts with wings are playful and could help all children, the fortunate and the less fortunate to get uplifted and helped to soar in life. My wings business model also includes Gift of Wings program that gifts My Wings to children in need.


To build a stronger brand and community My Wings would like to get insprired on how to use social media and/or their website more effective. There are two possible ways to approach this assignment.

1. Create and design campaign content for social media. The campaign can also include changing and updating the website to match the campaign. Your assingment is to create a campaign and expose it to a choosen target group to iterate it and to get a greater understanding of that groups thought on both the campaign and the product. Make changes and if there is time start the campaign.

2. Forming a strategy on how to use social media to build a stronger community around My Wings. This could include both making strategy and on how to use the plattforms to get most out of them and how the website and social media can work together to build a stronger brand and community.

Uppdragsgivare My Wings
Förkunskaper We are looking for university students interested in sustainability issues and who want´s to train your skills and get experience within sociala media and marketing.
Omfattning The Short Assignment is done parallel to your studies. You are expected to spend 20-40 hours on the task, freely distributed over approximately one-two months in time. The Mission is designed for two-four students, feel free to sign up together with a friend. If you sign up alone, Miljöbron will try to pair you with another applicant.
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Business developer sustainability
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