Femique is a new brand aiming to deliver high end quality nursing wear. The brand is currently designing their first collection which is expected to be released summer 2020. Apart from its design and quality the brand differentiates with thorough quality testing and building a brand where the primary goal is to empower women. Femique is not just a brand but a feeling, identity and support system

Femique is looking at improving its landing page and find a more suitable structure for its home-page.

Femique.com currently runs in wordpress but needs to be connected to Shopify.   

Uppdragsgivare Femique
Förkunskaper Skills in designing and setting up web-pages, connecting with interfaces to other channels such as Shopify. Skills in branding and sustainability.
Omfattning Max 20 hours/student for a maximum period of 4 weeks.

Suitable for joint work of 2 students.
Plats Distance work

Miriam Lindholm, Founder and CEO