Developing degradable and sustainable floral foams


Smithers-Oasis is an American company with operations all over the world. Smithers-Oasis is dedicated to advancing the art and science of floriculture through development of innovative products. The company´s mission is to make OASIS® Branded Floral Foam and products both the preferred and purchase choice of florists and floral designers around the world.

Smithers-Oasis is world leading in the segment floral foams. There are three basic products in this segment: noir floral foam, bio floral foam, and green floral foam. Policy and legislation in Europe, particularly in the Nordic countries, is increasingly focusing on reducing plastics and other harmful substances in products. Norway has already started to ban non-degradable floral foams. Smithers-Oasis is devoted to minimising the environmental impact of its products and operations and wants to increase its innovation and research into more sustainable options.


This thesis project is focusing on developing a more sustainable floral foam segment, which is fully degradable but which still possesses the long durability that Smithers Oasis foams are known for.

The thesis should result in tangible option(s) to today´s floral foams. The thesis should preferably depart from shortly describing the policy and legislative context. What is expected for floral foams in the short to medium term?

The next step should depart from the characteristics of the existing floral foam product. The project should then focus on analysing a new floral foam segment which is much more environmentally friendly. What are the different options? The project should then focus on 1-2 options and measures and describe the improved environmental in terms of water consumption, energy consumption, renewable/recycled resource use, biodegradability, circularity (re-usability). It is also preferable to describe the various steps in developing this new floral foam, in terms of knowledge, materials needed.

Uppdragsgivare Smithers-Oasis
Förkunskaper We are looking for 2-3 students, preferably at master level who would like to contribute to developing a more sustainable floral foam segment. It´s a clear asset if the student(s) have a background and knowledge in product development, mastering the application of relevant modelling tools. It is also preferable if the student(s) know how to conduct an LCA and measure the ecological impact of a product (cradle to grave). We would prefer the thesis or project report to be conducted and written in English.
Omfattning 2-3 students for a thesis project or in a suitable course project. The project should be conducted during the spring semester 2020.
Plats Flexible, preferably in the region of South Western Sweden

Martina Slättberg
Business Developer | Sustainability

Övrig information

Some aspects of this assignment fall under the category “confidential business operations” and may not be disclosed or published in the report/thesis. Arrangements will thus have to be made between Smithers and the students about limiting the disclosure of sensitive information.