Environmental management at Miljöbron


Miljöbron is Sweden's leading professional organization for business and student collaboration within sustainable development. We are located in Västra Götaland and Skåne and engage about 500 students and 200 companies in cooperation projects for sustainable development each year. During 22 years of collaboration projects, we have brought together more than 1,700 companies with over 5000 students. Miljöbron offers primarily four types of collaboration: short assignments, course integrated case projects, internships and thesis projects.


Do you want to perform your first own EMS investigation? Are you intersted in getting to know Sweden's leading organization within student-business collaborations for sustainable development? We at Miljöbron want to certify our organization according to Svensk Miljöbas Miljödiplom (Environmental Diploma). Since we are a rather small office operation, this EMS project is suitable as a short assigment. It is perfect for students with knowledge about EMS who want to try their first very own project. Despite the small scope of our organization, we are certain that we have many and extensive indirect impacts on businesses and students, from a life cycle perspective. This project includes creation of the following:

  • Stakeholder inventory and analysis
  • List of regulations & laws applicable to Miljöbron
  • Environmental review of Miljöbron w/ life cycle perspective
  • Environmental policy for Miljöbron
  • Environmental objectives and programs
  • Analysis of opportunities and threats relating to the Environmental Management System
  • Environmental procedure(s) (optional)

This project is perfect for students pursuing a future as an environmental or sustainability consultant. The project can be conducted in either Swedish or English.

We are looking forward to you application!

Uppdragsgivare Miljöbron
Förkunskaper We are looking for university students with prior experience in working with the ISO14001 standard, for instance as part of a university course.
Omfattning The Short Assignment is done parallel to your studies. You are expected to spend 20-40 hours on the task, freely distributed over approximately one-two months in time. The Mission is designed for two-four students, feel free to sign up together with a friend. If you sign up alone, Miljöbron will try to pair you with another applicant.
Plats Göteborg

Martin Ahrin-Larsson
Regionansvarig Göteborg
0766 12 17 52