Sustainability in China


CEVT is an innovation and development centre for future technologies of the Geely Group. The company purpose is to be at the forefront of new developments within mobility, focusing on electrification, sustainability and autonomous drive. Modular development, advanced virtual engineering and state of the art software development enable the company to deliver world-class technology to all Geely Group brands.

The whole industry is now undergoing a transformation with new ways of thinking about the car as a product. CEVT is a fast growing, fast moving and exciting company where no day is like the other – where the challenges of tomorrow are on their working table today. CEVT consists of 2000 people with offices in Gothenburg and Trollhättan in Sweden and the organisation currently works on projects for Volvo Cars, Geely Auto, Lynk & Co and Lotus. For more information, visit www.cevt.se


A large portion of the world’s business and production, not least in the automotive industry, is conducted in China. It raises the question: what sustainability practices is going on in this country? How is sustainability incorporated in society and in businesses? What are the cultural attitudes towards, for example, recycling and methods against air pollution? What seems to happen at the end of life of products and are there any initiatives towards a circular economy?

In this wide brief you are encouraged to explore a range of aspects (from your own choosing) related to Sustainability in the interesting environment of China. During this mission you will acquire a deeper understanding of sustainability practices, jurisdiction, attitudes and goals of a country that is very different to those in Scandinavia.

Uppdragsgivare CEVT
Förkunskaper We are looking for university students that are interested in sustainability development and international relationships. The focus of this mission can vary depending on your educational background.
Omfattning This shorter mission is to be conducted in parallel to your studies. You are expected to spend roughly 20 hours per student on the task, freely distributed over approximately one month. The mission is designed for 2-3 students, so please feel free to sign up with a friend. If you sign up alone, Miljöbron may try to pair you up with another applicant.
Plats Gothenburg, Sweden

Martina Slättberg
Business Developer | Sustainability